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Online Group Classes hosted by the Joffrey Ballet School

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Great news...I’ll be teaching live online group classes hosted by the Joffrey Ballet School through Zoom! I cannot wait to see all of you again...if only on my laptop. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of space at home. All the combinations will be “small apartment" friendly. Below is my schedule. Please help me spread the word! 

✴️ Wednesdays (Starting 4/8)


7:15-8:45pm (eastern time) This class is a Slow Intermediate level for the more experienced dancer. For those of you who are "regulars" of mine, this class will have a traditional Wednesday Desiree Beginner II barre...perhaps a tad longer than usual and the center will obviously be more stationary...still moving but no big traveling combinations! Let’s try to avoid bumping into our furniture, which I always end up doing anyway! 🤣

✴️ Saturdays (Starting 4/11) STRETCH & STRENGTHEN 

2-3:15pm (eastern time)

We are all feeling uneasy and stressed and anxious, and unfortunately that leaves our bodies feeling really tense and tight. So let's stretch it out and work on our flexibility AND do a fun variety of strengthening exercises to keep our muscles strong and conditioned! All levels welcome although this class will be around an intermediate level. 💪🏼 All you'll need is a yoga mat or something soft to lay on. If you're a fan of my YouTube Channel, you'll love this class!

✴️ Sundays (Starting 5/10) BEGINNER BALLET

12-1:30pm (eastern time)

Please Note: This Beginner Ballet class is NOT an "Absolute Beginner" class. It is recommended that you have some prior ballet experience and you are familiar with basic ballet steps and terminology. Half the time will be spent at the barre (or chair...or whatever you have a home), and the second half we will venture into the center for adagio, pirouettes, and jumps! Don't worry if you don't have a ton of space; everything we do will be fairly stationary. I can't wait to see you!


✅ Classes are $10 each

Want more individualized attention?

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