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Are you and your best friends looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate something fabulous - or perhaps you’re just looking for something enjoyable to do together?! Let me host your very own private Pilates Party on Zoom!

For Those 21 And Over

I’ve already hosted a morning “Movement & Mimosas” party, an afternoon “Dansique & Daiquiris” party, and an evening “Pinot & Pilates” party - SO. MUCH. FUN!

I’ll be sure to cater the class to you and your friends needs - maybe you’re in the mood for some slow & controlled movement with lots of stretches, or perhaps you really want to sweat it out with some super intense power Pilates with HIIT - you let me know!

Email me directly to book your party -



Two People $120

Group of 3-6 $160

Group of 7-10 $200

It’s very important to keep hydrated during physical activity, so it is strongly suggested to hydrate yourself before class and have water handy during class - especially if you’ll be drinking some “adult juice!" 😉

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ildiko jones
ildiko jones
May 20, 2022

2013??? It’s either an innocent typo or something going on unconsciously… like stealing ten more years? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway, obviously it’s 2023 I’m talking about.

ildiko jones
ildiko jones
May 21, 2022
Replying to

Yay!!! I’m definitely interested! I’m so excited!!!! Thank you!!! I’ll contact you in ample time. I have one more before the 70th … 😆

🤗 good night 😘


ildiko jones
ildiko jones
May 20, 2022

Desirée: This is truly a fabulous idea - but may I share something with you? 😃 In my mind, I was already planning my 70th bday (not until 9/16/2013) celebration and I was going to inquire if I could sign up for a class with you! Now I have my answer.

Much success! Sending you hugs!

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