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4 Week "STUCK AT HOME" Workout Playlist

Hello friends! I made a post yesterday on all of my social media platforms regarding an idea I had to create a 4 WEEK “STUCK AT HOME” WORKOUT PLAYLIST. The lovely responses that I received and the out pour of gratitude and excitement really made my heart smile and confirmed that this was not only something I should do, but something I NEEDED to do!

Let’s turn a negative into a positive. If you are in a situation where you are stuck at home or you just need some fitness motivation and guidance...this will be perfect for you! Movement really does heal. When you put the body in motion, magical things happen and you will change for the better.

Below is your 4 week playlist schedule. You can take a screenshot or just revert back to this page everyday. Some days you’ll have one workout and other days you’ll have two. As always, I created a playlist on my YouTube Channel for your convenience. Just go straight down the list and keep an eye on the schedule for those days where you'll have to do two workouts! Start whenever you want...the challenge is to follow my schedule and NOT skip a day for 4 whole weeks! If you have an Instagram account, please feel free to post pics and vids of you before, during, or after each Dansique Fitness workout. Don't forget to tag me @dansiquefitness so I can show you some love!

Please Note: a couple workouts will be brand new ones that haven't even been uploaded yet. Once they are uploaded they will be added to the playlist in their correct spot.

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