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Dansique Fitness 4 Week Challenge!

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

One of the top questions I get asked is, “how often should I workout?” The simple answer is, you should really do something physical EVERYDAY…whether it’s a Dansique workout or a walk, jog, bike ride, swim, yoga or dance class, whatever! However, if you are a fan of getting your daily sweat session in by doing workout videos in the privacy of your own home then you’ll love this DANSIQUE FITNESS 4 WEEK CHALLENGE that I’ve created for you. I took out all the guess work and made a 4 week schedule so you’ll know exactly which workout to do and when.

I think one of the reasons why people give up on their fitness journey is because they just lose interest and motivation and get tired and bored. I really do believe that it’s SO important to not only keep your muscles guessing, but to also keep your brain guessing. That’s why it’s a good idea to switch up your workouts to keep it fun, engaging, and fresh!

The bottom line is…we are all built differently and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and goals. Therefore, there’s no “one magical formula” that works wonders for everyone. This fitness journey that we are all on requires a lot of trial and error and figuring out what works best for you. It is a process and I want to remind you all that no one is perfect and bad days happen and we may have slip ups.  

"It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get back up.”

Another important component you need to take into consideration is diet. And when I say “diet” I’m not referring to a temporary “quick fix - juice cleanse - skinny ‘BS’ teas - starve yourself” diet. I'm referring to finding a healthy way to eat that you can sustain. These changes that we try to implement into our lives need to be a way of life and not just temporary. Do you ever recognize when you eat or drink something that you know is just horrible for you? That's good! When you know or think something is bad for you, it probably is! If you aren’t fueling your body the proper way it honestly doesn’t matter how much or how often you workout.

“You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.”

Try gradually incorporating healthy habits into your life and eventually it’ll become your new “normal.” No, I am not a certified Nutritionist, but as a former professional ballet dancer and now someone who still leads a very active lifestyle, I’ve figured out over the years how to properly fuel my body with good wholesome nutritious foods. I’ll eventually write a more in depth blog about my diet and maybe even film a “What I Eat In A Day” video.

If you are lost or overwhelmed and really have no clue where to start as far as gradually incorporating healthy habits into your life then here’s a list to get you going. Again, don’t attempt to make all of these changes at once. You want to gradually introduce these things into your life and allow your mind and body to adjust and become accustomed to these new ways so these will become CONSISTENT LIFE CHANGES.

  1. Replace soda/sugary drinks with water. I often add some lemon in my water for flavor.

  2.  Practice Self-Love! Beating yourself up won’t accomplish anything positively productive. I’m completely guilty of this myself. Don’t think about what you don’t have, instead recognize what you DO have and be thankful. It can be as simple as, “I’m thankful for my eyes because they allow me to see the beauty in the world.” Or “I’m thankful for my legs because they allow me to run around with my kids.” There’s always something to be happy about and thankful for.

  3. Don’t skip meals. You need to fuel your body in order to keep your metabolism up. Eat 3 healthy meals a day with 2 possible healthy snacks in between. 


  1. Watch your portions and eat slowly. Try to be present and enjoy your food while you're eating. Being in tune with your body and recognizing when you're full will prevent you from overeating. Be on the lookout for those signals. 

  2. Walk to places that are in close enough proximity. Choose the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator. Find those moments where you can take advantage and get moving a bit more. 

  3. Limit your alcohol intake. There's nothing wrong with indulging from time to time with a glass of wine or a piece of cake...but in moderation. It's important to not deprive yourself. A lot of people swear by the 80/20 rule. Eat healthily 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time. 

  4. Cut down on processed foods. The foods that come from the earth are the best for you, so get acquainted with your produce isle. 

  5. No late night eating.

  6. Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to recharge.

  7. Surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and are supportive of these changes you are trying to make. Your TRUE friends will be understanding, supportive, and maybe even join in with you!



I carefully selected which videos to do and when (with only 1 repeated stretch video).

Each day you will focus on something different, whether it be certain muscle groups or a certain type of workout. Try not to skip a day. The whole point is to do 1 Dansique Fitness workout everyday for 4 weeks! I cannot wait to hear about your progress and how you look and feel by the end of it! Keep me posted in the comment section on my YouTube Channel.

Have fun! You can do this!

I made 4 weekly playlists on my YouTube Channel for your convenience.  

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