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4 Week "Ballet Body" Fitness Challenge!

Calling all Ballet lovers!!! Whether you have Ballet experience or not, you'll LOVE this 4 Week "Ballet Body" Fitness Challenge! Follow my 4 week exercise schedule of FREE workouts you can access on YouTube and gain better strength, flexibility, and grace while sculpting long lean dancer muscles. This is an AMAZING "cross-training" challenge for all my dancers out there...but it's also suitable for non-dancers as well. All the workouts have a strong Ballet base and are either done on the mat and fused with Pilates (aka "Ballates") or done standing...and because I'm a huge believer in "practice makes progress," you'll repeat the week 1 schedule on week 3 and repeat the week 2 schedule on week 4. Remember, if you struggle, that's okay! Do your best and commit to moving with me everyday for 4 weeks - that's the challenge! I guarantee if you stick with it and give it all you've got, you'll SEE and FEEL a difference by week 4. As always, for best results, be sure you fuel your body with healthy clean foods, be mindful of your portions, drink enough water, and get plenty of sleep. Let's move, let's dance, and let's have some fun and sweat! xoxo


Day 1

40 Min Dancer Legs

Day 2

30 Min Ballet Body HIIT

Day 3

Day 4 (2 workouts)

30 Min Ballates HIIT

20 Min Ballet Workout

Day 5

45 Min Lean & Sculpted

Day 6

40 Min Back & Hips Release

Day 7


Day 1

30 Min Dancer Legs & Abs

Day 2 (2 workouts)

30 Min Strengthen & Lengthen

10 Min Split HIIT

Day 3

30 Min Ballates HIIT

Day 4

50 Min Total Body Fusion

Day 5

Day 6 (2 workouts)

20 Min Standing Workout

20 Min Inner & Outer Thighs

Day 7 (2 workouts)

20 Min Standing Ballet Workout

30 Min Grow Taller & Leaner


repeat week 1


repeat week 2

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