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Pilates HIIT Challenge for Weight Loss & Lean Muscles!

Who’s ready for another fitness challenge?! Try out my 2 Week Pilates HIIT Challenge if you’re wanting to shed some unwanted fat and sculpt long lean muscles. Each day you’ll have to devote around 45-60 minutes to exercising on YouTube with me. Below is your HIIT workout schedule that you’ll follow on week one and repeat on week two.

I’m a huge believer in mixing up your workouts to keep the body and mind guessing…but there is something super beneficial to repeating workouts. Like I always say, “practice makes progress!” Over time you’ll feel stronger and certain movements you used to struggle with will no longer feel like a struggle...and how awesome and accomplished will you feel after discovering that? VERY! Of course if this challenge resonates with you and aligns with your wants and needs, you can keep repeating this weekly schedule for as many weeks as you'd like.

Be sure you’re also fueling your body properly with clean, healthy, nutritious foods. Remember, you cannot out exercise a bad diet, so if you want the best results possible you must eat well, stay hydrated, and get plenty of sleep. Also, I’m here for support and to cheer you on, so don’t forget to write me a little message in the comment section of each YouTube video and let me know how you’re doing and feeling! As always, I made a YouTube playlist for your convenience. YOU GOT THIS! xoxo

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