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Hello my beautiful friends. Welcome to my very own On Demand Video Library! I’ve been working so hard for the last several months, filming nonstop, creating over 50 brand new videos for you with many more on the way. It would mean the world to me to have your support here on my own platform. Self-Care is the highest form of Self-Love, so invest in yourself and your wellbeing & let's move together, everyday!



My On Demand Library is powered by ARKETA.
You can view my library here through my website OR directly from Arketa.


Can I watch these videos on my TV?

YES! Whether you stream my videos from your phone or laptop, there are multiple ways to connect your device to your TV, such as a HDMI cable or Chromecast.

Is there a free trial?

YES! When you sign up for my FULL LIBRARY Membership, you get the first 5 days FREE, then you will be charged $49.99 each month until canceled.

I can't afford the FULL LIBRARY monthly membership, are there any other payment options?

YES! I added 3 new monthly memberships that are half the price (or less) of my FULL LIBRARY monthly Membership! I also added a YEARLY membership - by paying for the full year upfront you'll SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!


I can't commit to a monthly or yearly membership. Are there "renting" options?

YES! You can "rent" any of my longer classes for just $10 for a 48 hour period. That means you could do the class twice (once each day...or more!) and it's like taking 2 classes for just $10 total - Woohoo!

I'm only interested in your Ballet there a membership just for that?

YES! Purchase a "BALLET Membership" and get full unlimited access to my BALLET COLLECTION! As a bonus, I'll include my Ballet-Pilates Fusion and Barre Fitness workouts as well!

I'm really enjoying your Ballet Collection! Do you teach live classes?

YES! If you live in or around NYC, I'd love for you to join my group classes at the Joffrey Ballet School. If you don't live nearby, you can take my classes virtually through Zoom. My favorite classes for Zoomers are on Thursdays and Sundays because I teach from my home studio and can give my Zoomers 100% of my attention. Check out my full Ballet class schedule here!

Will new videos be added to your library frequently?

YES! I'll be filming regularly and adding new videos throughout each month. I'm also open to any suggestions so feel free to send me an email with any video requests!

Will you keep your YouTube Channel and still upload?

Don't worry, I plan to keep my YouTube Channel but I won't be uploading as On Demand Library will take priority over YouTube. Please watch "My Big Announcement" video on YouTube and you'll understand why I'm taking a step back and doing my own thing through my website instead.

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