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"Past Present Future" 4 Week Fitness Challenge!

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

With Christmas right around the corner and plans to see “A Christmas Carol” on Broadway, I felt inspired to tie this story into a brand new 4 Week Fitness Challenge for you, which I’m calling the “PAST PRESENT FUTURE” challenge!

If you’re not familiar with the story, the main character, a grumpy old man named Scrooge, is visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve night - the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. They take him through time to show him how his mean behavior has affected those around him. The story ends well with him realizing that it’s never too late to change and he transforms into a kindhearted person.

In this 4 Week Fitness Challenge, you will move with me EVERYDAY and follow my free workout schedule - some days doing just 1 long workout, other days doing 2 shorter workouts. The fun thing is, the workouts included in this challenge are old ones (like really old ones) from my PAST, there will also be more recent ones; PRESENT, and there will be some new FUTURE workouts that aren’t even posted yet (but will be, just in time)! I hope you’ll enjoy this “trip down memory lane” with me and perhaps discover some workouts you’ve never done before (or haven’t done in 5 years, if you’ve been with me since the beginning).

Start the challenge WHENEVER you want. Take a screenshot of the 4 week schedule list below so you know how many workouts to do each day. I also made a playlist for your convenience. Happy Holidays my lovely friends; I’m so thankful for all of you!


45 Min Pilates


30 Min Pilates

15 Min Toned Upper Body


1 Hour Fluid Pilates with Cardio Burst


30 Min Sexy Legs

20 Min Obliques


1 Hour Spicy Pilates


40 Min Pilates HIIT


30 Min Core Butt & Arms

30 Min Flat Belly


40 Min Pilates

10 Min Split HIIT


50 Min Pilates

DAY 10

40 Min Sexy Legs

10 Min Abs

DAY 11

60 Min Pilates HIIT

DAY 12

30 Min Pilates

20 Min Thigh Sculpt

DAY 13

45 Min Power Pilates

DAY 14

30 Min Flow HIIT

30 Min Fat Melt

DAY 15

30 Min No Excuses

20 Min 2-in-1 Workout

DAY 16

30 Min Strong Knees

30 Min HIIT

DAY 17

40 Min Power Pilates

20 Min Pilates with Weights

DAY 18

*FUTURE WORKOUT* 15 Min Ballates

30 Min Christmas Cardio

DAY 19

30 Min Buns & Thighs on Fire

30 Min Core

DAY 20

45 Min Tone Up

DAY 21

40 Min Yogalates

15 Min Arms Shoulders Back

DAY 22

*FUTURE WORKOUT* 1 Hr 360 Pilates

DAY 23

30 Min Core Buns & Guns

30 Min Ballates

DAY 24

45 Min Pilates

8 Min Fat Burning HIIT

DAY 25

60 Min Pilates

DAY 26

20 Min Holiday HIIT

40 Min Dancer Legs

DAY 27

40 Min Ballates

20 Min Buns & Thighs

DAY 28

*FUTURE WORKOUT* 45 Min Slow & Controlled

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