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4 Week "1-2-3" Challenge!!!

Since COVID and the closing of gyms and studios, people have been reverting to YouTube to get their sweat on, strengthen and sculpt their muscles, and shed unwanted fat. With so many videos to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming. I actually get asked rather often, "which videos should I do?" or "which workouts pair well together?" So, I took all the guesswork out and created yet another fabulous 4 week challenge for you all! I’m calling this the 1-2-3 Challenge because on day 1 you’ll do 1 workout, then the next day you’ll do 2, then the next day you’ll do 3, then you’ll go back to doing 1 and so on and so fourth. There aren’t any repeated workouts, so every day will be new, exciting, fun, and fresh - Woohoo! I made a workout schedule, which you can view below (and take a screenshot of for easy access) and of course I created a playlist for your convenience. Start this challenge whenever you’d like!

Please feel free to share your pictures and videos on Instagram and please tag me @dansiquefitness so I can show you some love! I also LOVE “before & after” pics so don’t forget to snap a pic of yourself pre-challenge and then again post-challenge so I can share your amazing results with my supporters and help spread inspiration and good vibes! Please keep me posted on your progress throughout the challenge so I can cheer you on!

And remember friends, you CANNOT out exercise a bad diet! So for best results, you must fuel your body with healthy clean food.

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