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4 Week "Get Fit" Challenge!

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hello DF family! I have another *FREE* 4 week challenge for you (just in time for swimsuit season)! Follow my carefully thought out 4 week exercise calendar and move with me everyday to gain more strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Remember, if you're trying to lose weight, exercising is just part of the must fuel your body with healthy, clean, nutritious foods. Be sure you keep yourself hydrated with water and get plenty of sleep to recharge your body and mind for the day ahead.

This challenge is geared towards intermediate / advanced movers BUT as I always say, it's not about perfection - it's about PROGRESS! So regardless of your level, commit to moving with me everyday for 4 weeks straight, try your best, modify movements and take breaks when you need to...and I guarantee by the end of this challenge you'll see and feel massive improvements!

Your workout schedule is below - please take note: each day you'll do 1 or more workouts adding up to around 40-60 minutes total. Almost all the workouts don’t require any equipment (just a yoga mat or soft surface beneath you) but dumbbells will be used in a couple. If you don’t have them, don’t worry - you can improvise and use something around the house like water bottles!

SELF-CARE IS THE BEST FORM OF give your body and mind some love each day - you deserve it!

Thank you all for your love and support; I'm so grateful! Be sure to comment on each YouTube video and keep me posted on your progress - I'll cheer you on the whole way through, I promise! YOU GOT THIS! xoxo

*If you ever need a quick warm-up

*If you're ever sore and need a quick relaxing stretch session

Day 1

30 Min No Excuses

30 Min Thigh Burner

Day 2

45 Min Lower Body

15 Min Upper Body

Day 3

1 Hour Slow & Controlled

Day 4

40 Min Power Pilates

Day 5

45 Min Pilates Yoga

20 Min Fat Burn

Day 6

40 Min Power Pilates

18 Min Yoga

Day 7

45 Min Slow & Controlled

Day 8

30 Min Pilates HIIT

20 Min Plank HIIT

Day 9

45 Min Self-Love

20 Min Tiny Waist & Toned Legs

Day 10

30 Min Hourglass

30 Min Grow Taller & Leaner

Day 11

15 Min Abs/Core

15 Min Lower Body

10 Min Upper Body

Day 12

45 Min Lean & Sculpted

Day 13

40 Min Mobility

20 Min Thighs

Day 14

40 Min Mat

Day 15

45 Min Power Pilates

Day 16

30 Min Flow HIIT

30 Min Fat Melt

Day 17

40 Min Pilates Cardio

15 Min Lower Abs

Day 18

40 Min Pilates HIIT

15 Min Flat Belly

Day 19

45 Min Pilates With Weights

Day 20

40 Min No Excuses

15 Min Plank HIIT

Day 21

40 Min Ballates

10 Min Split HIIT

Day 22

15 Min Abs

45 Min Stretch & Tone

Day 23

30 Min Flat Belly

30 Min Ballates HIIT

Day 24

30 Min Dancer Legs

30 Min Back & Booty

Day 25

40 Min Intense HIIT

Day 26

30 Min Good Morning

30 Min Pilates HIIT

Day 27

1 Hour Fluid Pilates With Cardio Bursts

Da7 28

60 Min Pilates HIIT

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Ron Kessler
Ron Kessler
May 07, 2022

Love you. Milwaukee love.


ildiko jones
ildiko jones
May 03, 2022

Hi Desirée, this new 28 day program looks most impressive! Of course…! No surprise there 😍. I’m seriously considering making the commitment. Thank you for making it available to your students/fans.

May 03, 2022
Replying to

My pleasure! You can do it! 😘💖💪🏼

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