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Book Your Private Online Sessions Now!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Hello friends! I will admit, I'm not the savviest of people when it comes to technology, but our new way of life these days has forced me to learn (rather quickly) and appreciate just how amazing technology can be! It's been quite an adjustment but I think I finally got the hang of teaching virtual classes! It was of course very stressful in the beginning, but now it's one of the few things that has been keeping me sane during this uncertain time. Due to the high demand for more online classes, I decided to finally take the plunge and offer private sessions! Sessions are bookable by email ( Let me help you with your Ballet technique or perhaps you'd be interested in a private Pilates class including a HIIT or Stretch portion...just let me know what your dance and fitness goals are and we'll set it up!

~ Online classes will be given using Zoom.

~ Sessions will be confirmed and you will receive your unique Zoom link once payment has been made through Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal.

~ Please keep in mind the possible time difference. I'm located in NYC (eastern time).

~ Email me directly at to discuss any questions or concerns and to coordinate availability and set up your first lesson!

~ Special discounted rates are available if you purchase a 5 session package, which will be valid for 2 months. It is required, however, that you purchase just a single session for your very first session. This will allow the both of us (especially you) to have the freedom to see if we are a good fit and would like to continue working together. All purchases are nonrefundable.

~ I understand space at home may be limited, so do your best to clear out a space and figure out the best place to set up your device so I can get a FULL view of your body. The better the view I have of you, the easier it is for me to help and correct you.

~ Please dress in form fitting clothes so I can see your body and alignment easily.

~ For Ballet sessions, you will need a barre or chair or something sturdy to hold onto.

~ For Pilates/HIIT/Stretch sessions you will need a yoga mat or something soft to lay on.

I look forward to meeting you

and working with you!

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