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15 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I'm a Virgo; September 3, 1985 

2. It really bothers me when people mix up your and you're.

3. I'm a pescatarian.

4. My favorite movie is "It's Complicated," with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin.

5. Music was always my second Love. I played the flute, piccolo, and piano for many years.

6. I had a sparkly white tutu as a young child that I wore over my clothes everyday and everywhere until it basically disintegrated off my body.

7. I have always been a straight A student.

8. I graduated 11th or 12th (I can't quite remember) in my high school class of about 360 people.

9. Ironically, I never went to college. Shortly after I graduated high school I started dancing professionally.

10. I'm terrified of bugs, especially the ones with lots of legs!

11. My laugh is super loud...some may even say, obnoxious!

12. My dog always notices when things aren't in the right spot.

13. I get really sad when I see a dead bird, squirrel, raccoon, or even mouse. I really love animals.

14. Maleficent in the animated Disney movie STILL scares me!

15. My favorite color is blue.

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