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June 2020 Fitness Feature!

I'm very proud to introduce to you, Demetria Thomas, who is my June 2020 Fitness Feature! Not only is this woman absolutely beautiful on the outside, but she's equally beautiful on the inside and I just know how inspiring and motivating her story will be for so many people! Demetria was always fit, but that doesn't mean she is someone who has never struggled. Embarking on your own fitness journey isn't just about the physical's about the mental changes too! Movement heals on so many levels and it really helps put you in a better head space. If you're a new mom, or you suffer from Diastasis Recti, or you're looking to tone up, or you're always feeling sluggish and badly about yourself then keep reading!

Were you always relatively healthy and fit?

I was. I fell in love with fitness around the age of 4. I began after watching my mom workout daily after having my youngest brother, to get ready for the academy postpartum to pursue her career in law enforcement. I would watch her workout at home and finally joined her. After the first video I did with her, I loved it. Shortly after, my mom starting popping in the tapes for me to workout with because I would ask for her to do them with me, and she refused. 🤣 I stayed active all the way up until the age of 33 when I got pregnant with my second child, and unfortunately was nauseated and sick the entire pregnancy. Working out daily was not an option and I became sedentary.

If not, what pushed you to turn it all around?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be active as I would have liked during my second pregnancy. However, I knew it was only temporary and I would be active again once I recovered from my delivery. What really pushed me to start my fitness journey, was my lack of energy. When I’m active I feel good mentally and physically, and there would be times I would be with my kids and literally pass out on the couch not knowing what happened. I was anemic, had headaches daily, and my appetite was never consistent. I knew I had to do something fast. 

Motivation is key. I'm a personal trainer, I know how to get in shape, but I lacked motivation. Coming across Dansique Fitness videos on YouTube turned it all around for me. It was the catalyst to get back in mental and physical shape.

What’s you favorite form(s) of exercise?

I really like High Intensity Interval Training. I enjoy the high calorie burn with HIIT and I feel they are really effective and you can get a great workout in, in less time.

For cardio, I enjoy a nice 2 mile jog or doing a 2k row on the Concept2 Indoor Rower.

After stumbling across the "High Calorie Burning HIIT" video from Dansique Fitness on YouTube, I was INSTANTLY hooked and there was no turning back. It was such a great sweat and after I completed the workout I felt such a good release. I described it as a "fitness massage." I literally felt so relaxed. Pilates became my favorite workout style and I really look forward to doing them throughout the week!

What challenges have you managed to overcome during your fitness journey?

My number one challenge was actually experiencing how difficult it was to recover the second time around because I wasn’t as active as I would have liked to have been. I experienced cellulite for the first time once I got halfway through my pregnancy. The weight didn’t just fall off like it did with my daughter. Even though my personal weight gain was just 10lbs after my son, it was a challenge loosing it. My diet was horrible and I knew I had to change it. I went on a detox, and after the three days, my desire for unhealthy food was no longer there. I increased my water intake and cut off all late night eating after 8pm. I knew I had to commit, and did my Pilates workouts 5 times a week, and did a 2 mile a day run challenge for two weeks to jump start my journey.

Any new future health/fitness goals?

I want to continue my Dansique Fitness videos at least 3-4 times a week to further lean out and better my flexibility and abdominal strength. My diastasis recti has completely healed, which took me over a year with my daughter, and Pilates did it in two months after having my son.

What motivates you and who inspires you?

What motivates me is my kids and husband. I do this for them. My energy, mood, and self esteem has improved once I became active again. People do not realize the power of movement. Even if I never lost a single pound, the way it makes me feel is amazing in itself.

What's your diet like?

I do have sweet cravings more often than I would like, but I eat pretty clean. Being a busy stay at home mom during the day, and working in the medical field on the weekends, I rely on my diet to fuel me so I have to be very picky with what I take in. Not because of my

fear of gaining weight, but my energy loss and feeling sluggish from all the toxins in processed foods and excess sugar.

What advice do you have for anyone who struggles with their health/body and wants to make changes but doesn’t know how or where to start?

I really suggest finding out your "why." List your goals so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve and then you can execute a plan. Check out YouTube! It’s free and you also are supporting those amazing people who create content with an earning with your views on their workouts. It’s a win win. There is so much good content on YouTube, and I’m so happy I came across Dansique Fitness!

Any other inspirational words or words of wisdom? 

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Show Demetria some love and follow her on Instagram! @dstfitmom

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