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Dansique Fitness Advent Christmas Calendar Challenge

Hello my fabulous fitness friends! One of my my lovely Instagram followers suggested I'd a Pilates advent calendar and I just thought that was the cutest idea ever! So, believe it or not, I spent several hours putting together a 24 day Dansique Fitness workout schedule. I think variety is the spice of life and so I took my time to make sure that each day was a different kind of workout to keep your body and mind always guessing! If you are a loyal YouTube follower of mine, you've probably done all of these workouts already...but have you done them in this particular order for 24 days straight?!

As always, I created a YouTube playlist for your convenience. Just go straight down the list in order and do 1 workout each day for 24 days starting on December 1st. It doesn't matter when you do the workout during the day...just as long as you do it! Also, don't forget to comment on each video and tell me how you're doing and how you're feeling! I want to help you with any concerns or questions and of course cheer you on and keep you motivated and accountable! If you have Instagram, I encourage you to post a story, picture, or video of you doing each workout so I know you did it! And of course, don't forget to tag me @dansiquefitness and use the hashtag may even be featured in one of my posts!

The holiday season, although lovely and magical, can get very hectic and stressful. So its extremely important during these periods to take some time for yourself and do something great for your body, mind, and soul. Most of the workouts range from 10-20 minutes with the exception of a few 30 minute ones. Don't forget to take the time for yourself. You can always find it if you really want it. Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday season full of love, laughter, and of course Dansique Fitness workouts! xoxo

Love & Hugs,


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