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Post Holiday Slim Down | 1 Week Pilates Challenge

There’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to indulge during the holidays. But if you’re anything like me, and you start to notice a little extra “fluff” (especially in the midsection) then that may cause you to feel not so "hot." Don’t worry though…I created a 1 week Pilates challenge that’ll whip your body back into shape! You can start the challenge whenever you’d like, but you have to remain consistent for seven days and do the 2 Dansique Fitness workouts assigned for each of those days. You can do the 2 workouts back to back or do one in the morning and one at night…you decide!

Below is your schedule for 1 week. I also created a playlist on my YouTube Channel for your convenience. Just go straight down the playlist in order and do 2 workouts each day. It doesn’t matter which of the 2 you do first…just as long as you get them both done!

If you have Instagram, don’t forget to post daily so I can cheer you on! You can post little video clips or pics of you doing the workouts, body progress pics, or before and after pics! Tag me in each one of your posts @dansiquefitness and use the hashtag #df1weekchallenge so we can all watch and support each other!

Love & Hugs,


DAY ONE - 10 Minute Body Sculpt - 30 Minute Buns & Thighs

DAY TWO - Hourglass Figure HIIT (16 min) - Everything’s Better With a Twist (22 min)

DAY THREE - Pilates Cardio Workout (10, 20, or 30 min) - Dansique Recharge (20 min)

DAY FOUR - All About Planks II (16 min) - Intermediate Pilates Workout (30 min)

DAY FIVE - 8 Minute Fat Burn - Core Blast (28 min)

DAY SIX - No More Muffin Top (22 min) - Buns & Thighs on Fire (26 min)

DAY SEVEN - 10 Minute Belly Blaster - Lean Sexy Legs (28 min)

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