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My "Fitness Feature" for September 2018

Being on Instagram & YouTube has really connected me with some wonderful people all over the world. So I thought I’d do a “Fitness Feature” every so often on someone who I found to be wonderfully inspiring and motivational!

I actually came up with this “Fitness Feature” idea when I was watching one of Marian’s Instagram stories. I found her to be so relatable as she discussed her weight loss journey and I just thought to myself, “this woman is awesome and people need to know about her!”

All of Marian’s Instagram posts truly make me smile and I just love how real and raw she is. A busy mother and wife...yet still finds the time and energy to exercise daily...a true inspiration!

I had the privilege to meet Marian, her husband, and their adorable daughter (who almost always makes laugh out loud appearances in Marian’s posts)! I remember one of the first things I mentioned to Marian was how much I loved how she was creating such a healthy way of life for her daughter. Every time Marian exercises her precious little girl roams around and sometimes even jumps in and follows along. I too was fortunate enough to grow up watching my mother exercise daily. Seeing her exert herself and lead an active life really impacted me in such a positive way. Treating my body well by exercising and eating healthily became my way of “normal,” not some horrible “chore” I dreaded.

So here’s to my lovely friend, Marian! Proof that busy moms CAN find the time and energy to get and stay fit and be healthy...AND influence their children in such a wonderful way!


Learn more about Marian with our Q&A!

1. What are some of your favorite foods (healthy or not)?

Hmm...well, it’s more of a drink than food, I guess you would say, but my homemade, iced cold brew coffee served black is what I love waking up to in the mornings! As far as food, though, I do love me some french fries. Especially Waffle Fries from Chick-Fil-A!

2. If you could be a Superhero what super power(s) would you like to have?

I have always wanted to be able to fly! But, I don’t suppose that would be my super power, per say, it would just be an ability I would have along with my actual super power. So, I would have to would be cool to be able to morph things into other things. I would never have to order from Amazon, again!

3. If you had access to a time machine when and where would you go?

Ok, this is very insignificant, but I am a big fan of the show, The Office, and there was this one particular scene where Jim and Michael are pretending to do a call with Dwight to work on his customer service skills. It is one of my favorite scenes and it is HILARIOUS!! It would have been awesome to be there on the set to watch as they filmed it!!

4. What would you say is your best and worst quality?

Oh, boy. Well, I know I can be controlling sometimes. It is something that developed the older I got, so I really have to work on holding my tongue sometimes or taking a breath and just letting things go. A more positive quality? I think I can be pretty creative!

5. What are some of your pet peeves?

Loud chewing. Especially if someone is smacking their chewing gum or eating with their mouth open. Yeah, those really rake my nerves.

6. If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Pick a different major! Haha! I have my BA degree in Communications (concentration in theatre). And while it was nice to take theatre classes and all that, it really isn’t SUPER practical.

7. What/Who inspires & motivates you?

Growing old is inevitable, and I want to keep healthy and active so I can bring that into my older years. So, thinking about being a 70 year old who can still move like they’re 30, is always a motivator for me! Because then that means I can’t stop being active!

8. What are some of your goals (big or small)?

I would love to have some sort of small business one day. I have a couple of ideas that I think could be really successful, but I always scare myself out of pursuing them by thinking about all of the things that could go wrong! Especially with customers, and then my mind takes it a step further and then I am scared of being sued or something (ridiculous, I know). I guess that’s a curse of working so many customer service jobs over the years.

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