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Making Lemonade Is Hard

We've all been there. Sometimes it only lasts a day, sometimes a week, and unfortunately it can even last longer. That's right, I'm talking about when life just kicks your ass!

A lot of people in my life, mainly students and my adult clients, tell me often, "you're always so happy and positive and energetic!" Truth is, when I'm in teaching mode I make myself that way because I simply don't see any other option. But I assure you, I'm human too, and I get upset, stressed, and angry just like everyone else!

I had a pretty rough week and a half, but I think the Universe is letting up on me, for now anyway. For the lack of a more eloquent phrase, "shit hit the fan" recently! Looking back, I think I handled it as well as I could've. However, I do wish I had spent less time being bitter and angry. But we live and learn, right? Now I'm not going to claim to be any sort of expert on this stuff, but I do believe we NEED to take a moment, whether it'd be a minute, hour, or even a full day if necessary, to just be pissed! At least for me, I know I need that release. Of course having someone who you can just vent to until the cows come home is a massive help as well. Ya know, sometimes you need to just let the lemons BE LEMONS FOR AWHILE...and then you can make lemonade! Someone who I hold very near and dear to my heart recently said to me, "you need the bad in your life...if everything was always amazing all the time, how would we know?!" Seems so obvious but I think we all could use that friendly reminder when times get tough. We NEED that yin to our yang.

So for the future, I'm going to make the conscious effort to make time to just be pissed. However, after no more than a day, I'm going to TRY my hardest to just let it go and find the good again. I don't think we should give the bad too much power and allow it to completely consume us for more than a full day. Yesterday was a cold, wet, and gloomy day in NYC. I was determined to get out of my funk and distract myself with something good. So I went for a nice Central Park stroll and as corny as this sounds, I was able to find peace, calmness, and a sense of contentment again. I wandered around with my dog and I really tried to recognize the good in the world. The amazing thing about that is, when you really look, you can ALWAYS find something good, even when it doesn't seem too promising.

So cheers to enjoying and allowing yourself to be pissed, then letting it go, and finding happiness again, which will seem THAT much more amazing compared to the bad that just happened. Perspective!

Here's evidence of some of the beauty I came across...

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