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12 Day Countdown to Christmas Fitness Challenge!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Yes, it is the most wonderful time of the year...but it can also be very stressful and sometimes sad and overwhelming. That is why we must continue to practice SELF CARE, which is the best form of self love! Thinking good thoughts of yourself, nourishing your body with healthy clean foods, and moving your body daily does absolute wonders for your physical, mental, and emotional being. So join me on this very cheerful 12 Day Countdown to Christmas Challenge starting on Monday December 13, 2021! Each day consists of 1 or 2 workouts that add up to around 1 hour total. If you're unable to spare an hour in one go, then feel free to split it up and do half in the morning and the second half at night. Sending love, light, and HUGE HUGS to all of you...and wishing you a very joyous holiday season!

Please Note: not all workouts include a warmup, so feel free to do this quick warmup routine beforehand ---> https://youtu.be/GSSTg9qtcNI

December 13th

20 Min Holiday Pilates HIIT https://youtu.be/YfS09DgeIZA

30 Min Full Body Workout https://youtu.be/Y6_PXhi8FI8

December 14th

40 Min Dancer Legs https://youtu.be/gWehGYPNmGA

15 Min Abs/Core HIIT https://youtu.be/2GGXZdjnRpE

December 15th

30 Min Good Morning Workout https://youtu.be/7a4FqTfCEbQ

*New Workout*


December 16th

20 Min Standing Workout https://youtu.be/hvw3e2c6fNU

40 Min De-Stress Yogalates https://youtu.be/PYpAm4b8eTs

December 17th

32 Min Abs & Booty https://youtu.be/cWvuPuRyTcw

30 Min Strengthen & Lengthen https://youtu.be/Gf0-u0LgOvY

December 18th

*New Workout*


30 Minute Grow Taller & Leaner https://youtu.be/MML7a1SJT80

December 19th

40 Min Ballates https://youtu.be/cMzrEmpDZQw

20 Min Fat Burning HIIT https://youtu.be/Ec40z3kYj9I

December 20th

60 Min Pilates HIIT https://youtu.be/5NRRH4HvEV4

December 21st

40 Min Yogalates https://youtu.be/C1sLZFg-4Tg

20 Min Tiny Waist & Toned Legs https://youtu.be/FnklXzZR9G4

December 22nd

40 Min Power Pilates


15 Min Flat Belly Workout


December 23rd

30 Min No Excuses Workout https://youtu.be/J7mzoOpxgT4

20 Min Inner & Outer Thighs https://youtu.be/QoMlHhmcJFA

December 24th

*New Workout*


15 Min Full Body Stretch https://youtu.be/fhpbOtXP6UI

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