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"Desiree is an amazing ballet and Pilates instructor and I highly recommend taking classes with her! In her ballet classes, Desiree is diligent about teaching strong technique combined with beautiful artistry. In her Pilates classes, she carefully guides students through challenging exercises that increase core strength and flexibility, tone different muscle groups and sculpt the overall body. Desiree is particularly skilled at providing clear instructions that are easy to follow and offering corrections that help her students improve further. Desiree is always warm, empathetic and encouraging. She also has a great sense of humor, which makes her classes even more fun! She is the sort of teacher who inspires her students to work harder and reach their greatest potential. I have taken Desiree's classes in-person (pre-COVID) and virtually (during COVID) and she is a spectacular teacher across both mediums. Thanks to her, I feel stronger, have increased turnout and can balance better. I always look forward to taking ballet and Pilates with Desiree!"

~Anna N.

“Pilates might look easy, but it’s so hard! Every class is a big accomplishment for me. I’ve been taking classes with Desiree for about a year and I’ve noticed such a HUGE improvement in my core strength. No more straining my back just by closing a window or opening a heavy door (yes, that used to be me....for real). Desiree’s expert demonstrations and sunny personality keep me going!”

~Sara S.

“I discovered Desiree’s online classes and YouTube video’s during COVID lock-down when I needed to exercise in a small space. Her classes are so effective and I started to see differences in my body in as little as two weeks. Desiree’s instructions and demonstrations are super clear and easy to follow even for a complete beginner like me. What I love the most is that Desiree has such extensive knowledge of fitness and ballet and she is so warm and supportive! Even when I feel exhausted after a long busy day at work, I am still motivated to show up for class. I highly recommend the Dansique Fitness Virtual Studio classes to everyone from workout beginners to dancers who need maintenance. “

~Miho Murashima


“My name is Laura Mendes and I’m currently a trainee student at the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC. As a pre-professional dancer, I have a full schedule with classes, rehearsal, theater volunteer duties, and work studies. I’ve experienced hard times trying to achieve more strength, confidence, and clarity within my movement and realized I needed to start cross training. Taking Desiree’s Pilates classes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She has such a fun, kind, and energetic way of teaching and is always so encouraging. Her classes really challenge me to connect with my core and breath. Each class has different sequences so they are never the same, which I love. After class I always feel stronger than when we started and so much more stretched out as well. The positive results in my dancing were immediate! I’ve gained so much more confidence within my dancing since starting Desiree’s classes. Thank you for everything, Desiree!”

~Laura Mendes


“Greetings from Malaysia. I am a huge Pilates lover and regularly attend reformer sessions here in Kuala Lumpur. I also love practicing Pilates at home and since coming across Desiree’s YouTube Channel, I have completely immersed myself in her videos. Her Pilates HIIT series is one of the best I have come across and I am no spring chicken. I love how her workouts target specific muscle groups without impacting the joints. I do Desiree’s workouts everyday and have noticed a huge change in my overall body tone...even my husband noticed! I always look forward to doing Desiree’s wide assortment of workouts everyday!”

~Lavannia R.


“ Desiree has a unique way of helping her students tap into their strength without compromising length, grace, and ease. She has helped me gain a strong center with greater proficiency of my faculties. I am forever grateful for her kind, inspiring, and uplifting teaching.”

~Alison Miller : Ali Cayenne


“Desiree is one of the best teachers that I’ve ever had. I have been trying different Ballet and Pilates classes since I moved to NY and Desiree’s classes are the most intense and productive. She has tons of experience and is extremely professional. I love her peaceful personality, which makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her instructions are clear and very helpful. I certainly recommend her classes!”

~Melissa Zilli


“I am a 63 year old lifetime athlete (elite gymnast and marathoner) with many serious and chronic back, neck, shoulder, and foot injuries which were continually stressed and re-injured by my former obsession with heavy duty hot power yoga. I then discovered beautiful Desiree and her awesome YouTube Channel, which literally changed my life! My soreness has decreased immensely and my body is beginning to get greater definition through doing her advanced level YouTube classes, which I do every single day. I feel better NOW than I have in many many years and I cannot thank Desiree enough!”

~Patty W.


“Desiree has been my teacher since I was very young, so I can say with absolute certainty that she is an amazing teacher for all ages. Recently, I started taking Desiree’s Virtual Pilates classes after a long hiatus from dance and they have really helped me improve my core muscles and regain confidence in myself as an athlete. Desiree makes everyone in her classes feel welcome, whether they have lots of experience or not. Additionally, her knowledge expands from Pilates to Ballet to nutrition and everything in between. Believe me when I say that there are not many teachers as well rounded and trustworthy as she is. I highly recommend Desiree’s classes to anyone who is interested in gaining more strength, flexibility, and confidence!”

~Jilleen B.


“I’m so thankful for Desiree’s Pilates workouts! I have been doing them daily for several months now and I’ve noticed a huge change in my body. My belly is flatter and my legs and arms are stronger and more toned! I am also a lot more flexible...I used to be like a piece of wood. I am really grateful for Desiree’s videos. Sending kisses from Madrid!”

~Maria C.


"I started taking ballet classes 3 years ago. I was going to various ballet schools then about a year ago I tried Desiree's beginner ballet class at Joffrey Dance Center in Long Island City. I loved her teaching style right away. She pays very close attention to each student, their alignment, weight change, movement, and overall technique from head to toe. Whether it's for a simple or complicated combination, she always explains and demonstrates very clearly in a moderate speed to make sure each student understands and is able to execute the exercise properly. Desiree is very encouraging and always urges me to try again and again. I really enjoy taking her classes and I'm thrilled to share the happiness I get from them. I hope if the opportunity presents itself, you'll try one of Desiree's classes and experience for yourself just how wonderful of a person and teacher she is!"   

~Irene M.

Desiree Errico Joffrey Ballet School
Ballet & Pilates Instruction - In Person & Online Classes
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