Join in on the first ever Dansique Fitness Challenge! 

This challenge lasts for 4 weeks and you can start whenever you want!

I devised weekly schedules so you'll know which Dansique Fitness workout to do everyday for 4 weeks!

I guarantee by the end of it, you'll feel and see the difference.


Who's up the challenge?! If you post about it on Instagram don't forget to tag me @dansiquefitness and use the hashtag #dansiquefitnesschallenge so I can keep and eye on you and cheer you on! You may also be featured in one of my posts!

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Then click here to read more about the challenge and learn some of my personal favorite tips and tricks for an overall healthy lifestyle.

Love & Hugs,


Dansique Fitness


to Marian and Carmen for not only completing the #dansiquefitnesschallenge

but for documenting their progress along the way!

Reviews are in...

"For the past year or so I have been working to attain a more fit and flexible body by practicing yoga, but then I started craving something more. I began incorporating some HIIT workouts to my daily routine and one day decided to see if there were any Ballet-themed HIIT workouts; enter Desiree's YouTube Channel, "Dansique Fitness"! I found her 8-Minute Ballet HIIT Workout and really enjoyed challenging my body to move with the gracefulness of a ballerina while working out! When I began to follow her on Instagram (@dansiquefitness), I saw that she had put together a 4 week challenge featuring a different video of hers to do everyday for 4 weeks. I was intrigued! I love to mix up my workouts and to be able to get the training from a former professional ballerina whom also teaches Pilates? I was in!

As a stay-at-home mom I prefer to do shorter workouts that still can pack a punch--and, she achieves that with her videos ranging anywhere from 6-30 minutes long. I began the challenge at, I would say at an "intermediate level", but even I noticed improvements by week 4 in areas of flexibility and strength! My seated forward fold, I noticed, was going a little deeper earlier in the workout, and moves that I was having trouble with in week 1, were much easier in week 4! Which brings me to another pro about this challenge: though each video is different, she does repeat moves which gives you the chance to work them and get better at them as time goes on.

My favorite part of all? The "mini-ballet lessons" (as I liked to call them) that she offers in some of her HIIT workout videos. Growing up, I never took a dance class (except for a "teens" tap class my senior year in high school where I was one of two teens grouped in with a bunch of 10-year-olds *insert face slap here*), and I have always admired ballerinas and the amount of strength and beauty that just oozes out of their bodies; so, to have the chance to watch and learn some basic ballet moves from Desiree in her videos, was such a treat! She breaks things down and gives clear instructions on how to make each move more effective.

Not to mention, Desiree is so supportive! Each day during the challenge, I posted a picture or a video clip of the video I did that day onto my Instagram page, and Desiree let me know that she saw each and every one! She is so encouraging and kind. It was great to have her support to keep me motivated and accountable throughout.

I could go on and on, but I will conclude with this: if you're a beginner looking to begin your fitness journey, start with her 4 Week Challenge. If you already have a regular workout routine, mix these videos in. She will help you to increase your strength and flexibility, and she will most often incorporate both of those things into most of her moves! You won't regret it!"

~Marian T. @clumsy_yoga_mom

"The first time I discovered Desiree was when I was looking for a quick workout to help me develop my core. I previously had an abdominal injury and was taking it easy on the core exercises, but fortunately enough time had gone by and I felt like my body was ready to give it a try again! So I tried Desiree’s Pilates Cardio Workout video and was quite impressed! I even told some gals at work about it!


I started following Desiree on Instagram @dansiquefitness and saw her post on the Dansique Fitness 4 Week Challenge. I was in! It was a fun way to get to know her and explore some of her other workouts. This Challenge allowed me to work on my weaknesses and try some new things I otherwise wouldn’t have probably tried.

Desiree followed me all the way through the challenge and I knew she was rooting for me and was there if I had questions. I don’t have a dancing background, but some would say I have an advanced yoga practice. So, while I didn’t know what a ballet second position was, I felt like it was easy to follow along and figure out.


I truly had a wonderful time with this Challenge. No stress; most times I did it to wind down for the day. On average each workout is anywhere from 10-30 minutes, which goes by so quickly! Have fun, learn, and get stronger with Desiree and her Dansique Fitness Challenge! "


~Carmen K. @akmtnnymph

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